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War of Northern Aggression Steambots

I bought a set of Civil War cavalry (mostly) from a member of TMP. I don't really play ACW, but I play a lot of Old West, so there is some overlap. And the ACW is as good a setting for horror and sci fi time-travel as any. So, I thought this would boost my collection.

My main movtivation was to get a Longstreet figure to do up for my uncle, who is an ACW reenactor. As a bonus, I got a Custer figure in the set for my son, who did a project on Custer in high school, and turned out to really like the history.

While I was painting them, I figured out what theme I wanted for the big steam bots I got in my second copy of the Grind board game.

Now the ACW figures fit in with VSF scenarios, too!

Here they are together with some infantry.

Add some artillery and espionage and maybe a dash of proto-flying vehicles, as this becomes an intirguing combined arms problem!