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Sci Fi Dog Pirates

Space Marines. Take their heads off ... helmets ... helmets with heads in them ... you know, like all those motorcycle rider urban legends.

But we're not done with the decapitations. This is a Werewolf by Night HeroClix figure. I liked him in the Spidey comics. OK ... off with their heads!

Line 'em up.

I was thinking white suits, but using the khaki as an undercoat and brushing on brighter whites. But I liked the khaki. I made an officer, a chief, and a bunch of petty officers in the new Navy uniform (new = implemented after I got out). I never actually liked that uniform change until now.

That's all there is to it. I love 'em.

For this type of project, it is all about the details. Part of why I love converting with space marines is there's a lot of detail, and they don't look crappy if you don't spend hours on details. But they always look better when you put more effort into them.

My big details were a dark grey wash on the heads and using gloss sealant on the shoes.


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