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More Carnivorous Plants

These are mash-up type toys. They are built so the arms, legs, and (sometimes) heads pull off and swap out with other figures. This makes them great for conversion.

Another good part is they are easier to glue into a static position, which you really need for wargaming, especially if you're going to repaint them. You pull the appendage off, put some glue on, snap it back in place and hold for a bit. This keeps moving parts from destroying your paint job.

The last bonus about these is there are always too many in the series (so you can get the "cool" parts), so some don't sell well and end up in the bargain bin. I love the bargain bin.

This was my main idea. I used the two of the transformers to make a four-armed guy. I based him on an old CD and added a couple old Bionicle parts (things I trimmed off to make arm blades for this project) for the swords and some scrap bits from another project for the wings in the back.

Overall, I like how the paint job makes him look much less transformery and fit in with these various Japanese miniatures.

For the next one, I wanted to mount a robot on a tank. Again, cheap toy tank, but a simple paint job will take care of it.

I removed the turrent and found I had to cut a cardboard washer to fit it over the hole.

I went back and forth about the head for this one. I spent a lot of time thinking it would look fine headless (which it did). But then it hit me! The turret! Duh!

The under side of the turret was hollow, so I had to cut a piece of cardboard to cover it and then I added a milk jug cap underneath to smooth the connection.

Now I have a body with four legs and two arms. Hmmmmmmm...

Back to the card stock, I made a dog nose and a jaw for one of the other heads ...

... and viola! This other robot has a canine companion!

Iron Man was a different sized doll ... er ... action figure, but I was able to follow the same theme with him. I went with blue to keep it looking as un-IronMan as I could. The headdress is just a piece of cardboard and the javelin is a toothpick.

So, did I effectively hide Iron Man? I think so, but judge for yourself. I think he looks much more like some type of 40K Tau Ethereal super-monster than a Marvel hero. A bit of Shiva and Kali in there, too.


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