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Yoghurt Walker Ships

Here's a set of caps and a yoghurt container to use for making retro sci-fi walkers. The big secret here is the spray paint cap goes upside down, inside the yoghurt container.

Like this.

The other caps are glued together to go on the top. The paint cap upside down leaves a little wedge area around the outside where we will wedge in and glue in place the legs. The falt bottom lets us glue the juice cap underneath.

Like that.

You can also see some bendy straws to become legs (and a cap to be a foot). But they aren't stable enough, so we have some 22 gauge insulated wire.

We just cut some that are 2x the length of the straws. And dug up enough caps for the legs (three per yoghurt bot).

Then we fold them in half and twist them. And drill holes in the top of the feet with the x-acto knife.

Now put a glob of glue at one end of the straw and shove the wire in then another glop of glue to secure the foot.

Then stand them up and let them dry.

After they are dry, pick three and bend them at the bendy part.

Put a glob of clue on the top of the legs and slide the bots on them. A CD is a good base to glue the bots on.

As mechanical things, I like to prime the black.

And then just paint them up.

Here they are with 15mm buildings, but they would work fine for 28mm, too.

Iiiiieeeeeee! Run away!