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Industrial Terrain

This set of terrain pieces are based on yoghurt containers. This is a pretty simple piece made from an inverted Chobani container and some bottlecaps on a 6"x6" piece of thin cardstock.

Here is out competitor Activia container. These make a nice set of medium-sized tanks. The rivets down the side are made from liquid latex, giving a nice industrial touch.

Here they are together, showing the ins, outs, ups, and downs you can get from terrain pieces like this.

Make sure you have some sample based figures at hand when you put these together to ensure you get good spacing to fit in figures during play.

This one is an old bowl that was no longer servicable for cereal. Flip it over and fit in a thin cardboard door, and we get a nice habitat. The metallic bands on the sides give it a good scifi feel.

This is a salsa bowl. Instead of the metal bands, the texture of the bowl lends itself more to a concrete approach.

Here we are back at some more simple inverted containers.

And a little more involved piece. I just measured and cut to fit the center piece based on the size of the containers and then glued them in place. Since the containers are translucent, I put tape over the purple striped area before priming and painting, so a (flashing) light underneath the terrain piece will show through.

Here is a third type of container, Yoplait. The oblong shape gives a different dynamic on the tabletop. It also has a very visible recycling symbol on the bottom that needed to be covered up. I used some thin card discs for these.

And bottlecaps for these.


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