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These are some Japanese figures that I wanted to turn into yokai, vengeful, evil ghosts. The pure, white basecoat is a start, but really isn't enough. I want them to be spectral and eerie ...

So, I've decided to go with a metallic blue wash. Normally, I use a dark color wash to fill shadows into the cracks. But with a metallic color, it will create an unnatural effect. That's what we want!

These are pretty simple with only the color variant that the wash gives, but that's OK. Still, I want a couple of details to add just a bit of character. So I will add silver (another metallic) to the weapons and give them red eyes. Eyes of some sort are important to me for figures.

Here's how the final looks, close up.

Now it's time to try it with some pirates.

Ghost pirates, however, get metallic GREEN wash, not blue ...

I also added some grey details, silver weapons, and large, hollow, black eyes ...

Just right for threatening damsels in distress!

And they may have their own unnatural enemies, too!

Avast, ye lubbers! Splice the mainbrace!