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Yugioh Clix Amphibian Beast

Another of the Yugioh Clix, the guy at the top is the Ampibian Beast. Nice figure, but overall, not what I am looking for in a deep-one. I like the head, but not with the body. So, I'm going to go for something a little more classic looking ...

Yep. The Mon Calimari heads. These are kind of retro D&D Koa Toa deep ones. Maybe I need some Locathah and Shahauigin, too...

But anyway, I went with the classic gibbous grey for these guys rather than green. A key reason for that is I am working on a set of black and white pulp figures, so these guys will fit in with them as well as most other terrors of the deep.

Of course, I had to do something with the heads. I went with various space mercs. The pointiness of the design just screamed for a red/orange/yellow burning fire pattern. I think it works out well.

Since the heads are all identical, I like going with a variety of bodies. The unarmed ones and the big guys in back (another related species? mutants? gen mod?) give a lot of flexibility for play.

And we need to show off what to do with the extra Mon Calamari bodies. This time, snake heads from some Horror Clix Reptosapiens.


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