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Yugioh Clix Nightgaunts and Demons

More Yugioh Clix conversions. This guy is a Des Imp. Apparently that is Japanese ... er ... Korean ... er ... Yugioh for monster figure with a wide stance that makes it really easy to remove the arms, legs, and head.

I am making two different styles here - ground and flying. The wings come from a heroclix Fury figure. I love that figure for conversions. Looking down at the red arrows, I went ahead and swapped arms on one imp with some from a 'Clix Morlock. That meant I had an exra pair of imp arms, so I doubled up arms for the one on the right. Other than that, just a few head turns.

Here's where I am going with the flying ones. Nightgaunts. This body is more massive than my traditional nightgaunt (the Fury figure), so we will see how that goes.

For the ground pounders, I went with coral for a fleshy, their eyes have turned the color of frozen meat, look.

Even outnumbered and surrounded, my money is on Murch's Angels for the win in this one. The Bob Murch Dangerous Dames also provide a size/bulk reference for the demons.

I used a red wash on these guys instead of my usual brown or black. I think it gives a good, demonic-raw flesh look. I also went for a yellowed off-white for the spikes and claws to get the more organic decay look.

Nightgaunts, assemble!

Even though I didn't reposition arms on these guys, the difference in body angle with the base and different wing placement/angles gives a lot of variety to this set.

Up close, you can see these guys are sparse of detail. There is some blood and a little dark, dark grey drybrushing for texture. But mostly, nightgaunts are the embodiment of H. P. Lovecraft's boyhood nightmares living in a decaying old house, raised by his two spinster aunts. As such, I always try to go for shadowy and difficult to clearly define, like a memory of a nightmare.


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