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Zero Dark Christmas

We played a round of the Nutcracker scenario this week. While the linked scenario comes with paper minis, I worked up some regular minis for the game.

The soldiers and nutcracker are HeroClix. The rats are GW ... wererats, I believe, and the Rat King is from HeroScape.

But that's not enough. Something's missing ...

So I am starting out with 1" wide strips of cardboard.

And marking them off into 1" squares.

The strips get cut into sets of three.

And I bought some gingerbread ornaments for the gingerbread men in the story.

And mount them up on the strips.

And deploy the troops!

Of course, the other side has deployed some troops too.

While the Rat King is running and hiding with the captive ballerina.

Meanwhile, the powerful rats and fragile gingerbread men are mixing it up.

And while they are being thrown into the grinder (chewer?), the gingerbread men are pushing the rats back and drawing down their numbers.

And even using some of the swashbuckling action rules to jump off presents down on to the enemy! (Both the GBM and rat bit the dust in this one maneuver.)

The Toy Soldiers have arrived, so the scurvy villianous rat commanders are starting a tacitcal advance to the rear.

But they seem to be surrounded by the Toy Soldiers, led by the brave Nutcracker.

They are backed into a corner and beat down. But dawn breaks and the game clock expires, so the toy soldiers and nutcracker revert to inanimate objects. The Rat King has won!

It's a pretty evenly balanced scenario, but in this run, the rats were able to hold out. The rats did a good job in using terrain to limit their exposure to attacks from GBM in the first phase of the game. Then when the soldiers arrived, the rats were strong enough to hold out just long enough.