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Beyond the Gates of ... North Arrica

I got some Beyond the Gates of Antares figures. They're generic scifi troopers, to I got to make the mercs. Now what look really says "MERCENARY!" ... blue jackets with red pants and red fezzes. That is, Zouaves. So I painted them up in that colour scheme. Following history, I gave them relgular French Army NCOs and a French officer.

Maybe I can do a scifi version of Cinco de Mayo ...

Along with the humans came these big crab(?) dudes. I got them second hand, so they were already painted red with a black wash. So I went with that and added six more colours of rad, to metallic reds, and hit different areas with matte, satin, and gloss sealant.

Send in the drones! I gave these a more generic look, so they could be added to lots of different forces