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Zombie Dinos

OK, this is a simple and fun conversion, motivated by our Zombiesaurus Rex vs Tricerinator supplment. It follows the basic zombification process we use, except with much larger figures.

Our zombification process begins with regular figures and skeletons. We have found that integrating parts from one skeleton figure with two regular figures gives a nice part ratio for the three resulting figures. This also works well with robots to make cyborgs.

So, after selecting the victims ... er ... source figures, separate the skeleton into five parts: head, torso, left/right legs, left/right arms. Oh, seven parts ... in this case, we have a tail, which we will split into two pieces.

With the regular figures, go for one arm and one leg. Pick one for the head swap. And for the tails, split both of them.

Now swap the parts and lay them out. I always do this, especially when making a slew of figures. It helps keep you from reassembling them in a way you regret. Think thrice, test fit twice, glue once.

And you assemble them. For regular 28mm figures, the parts just go together with glue. Ending up with small incongruities for small figures usually just adds to the effect of unnaturalness. Occasionally, I add a bit of putty to smooth something out.

For these large guys, I am using a lot of putty to make the joints where the figures end and the skeleton pieces begin. All the putty will be painted red to be bloody muscle gore. These gaps were just too big to think you could gloss it over with paint.

And here's what you get. Well, what we got. Your mileage may vary dependent on what figures you use. I painted them brown with white spots so they would match all my other dinos. I have a large contingent of them in this scheme.

Happy Modding!


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