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Zombie Scouts of America

Here's a nice troop of character pieces. Thirteen zombies (including the adult leader) all reflecting some aspect of scoutcraft.

You have to have a flag bearer, and in this case our paper flag indicates Troop 1313 from Innsmouth, RI. With him, he has the cook (carrying a leg in his left hand), a fire safety zed with a fireaxe, and an archery instructor. The overfull black dripping eyes not only have a creepy look, but they are easier to do than normal eyes.

Here is our leader (giving us another Cthulu tie-in), another axe wielder, a star-gazer with his head permanently back in gazing position, and a fire builder who was set on fire by gluing a few shreds of plastic wrap to him, then inking them in using Sharpie pens. I think the uniformity of green pants and khaki shirts sells the scout motif.

And we have to have a fat kid in a t-shirt and shorts, this one inseperable from his canteen (that I had left over from some military kit or other).

Lastly, here are a couple of kids about to get their Totin' Chit (a card that authorizes a Scout to carry and use knives and axes after successfully completing safety training) revoked. On the left, we can see what happens if you don't always carve away from your body. On the right, I'm pretty sure that's not the proper way to store an axe.


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